Top 10 Arcane Trickster 5e Spells for Maximum Trickery

Overview of Arcane Trickster Class in D&D 5e

Arcane Trickster

The Arcane Trickster is a unique class in D&D 5e that combines the skills of a rogue with the arcane spells of a wizard. This class is perfect for players who like to play stealthy characters but want the added versatility of spellcasting. The Arcane Trickster is a subclass of the Rogue class, which means that it still has access to all of the core abilities of the Rogue. However, the Arcane Trickster also has a unique set of abilities that set it apart from other types of Rogues.

The Arcane Trickster has access to a limited number of spells from the wizard spell list, which they can cast using their spell slots. These spells are chosen from the illusion and enchantment schools, which make them perfect for stealth and manipulation. Although the Arcane Trickster has access to only a limited number of spells, they can still be very effective when used correctly.

One of the unique abilities of the Arcane Trickster is the Mage Hand Legerdemain. This ability allows the Arcane Trickster to use their Mage Hand to pick locks and pockets, disarm traps, and perform other stealthy actions. This ability, combined with their spells and core Rogue abilities, makes the Arcane Trickster one of the most versatile and useful classes in D&D 5e.

The Arcane Trickster also has access to the Sneak Attack ability, which allows them to deal extra damage when they hit a target under certain conditions. This ability adds to the damage output of the Arcane Trickster, making them more effective in combat.

In conclusion, the Arcane Trickster is an amazing subclass that takes the best of the Wizard and Rogue class to create a unique and versatile character. If you want to play a character that can sneak around and cast spells, this is the subclass for you!

Key Abilities and Proficiencies of Arcane Tricksters

Arcane Trickster

Arcane Tricksters are a unique class in Dungeons and Dragons 5e that blend the martial prowess of a rogue with the spellcasting capabilities of a wizard. Their unique blend of skills makes them versatile in any situation, whether it be combat, exploration or social encounters. In this article, we will be discussing the key abilities and proficiencies of Arcane Tricksters, and the spell lists that are recommended for them.


Arcane Tricksters rely on a combination of Dexterity, Intelligence and Charisma to be effective. Dexterity is essential for their combat ability, as it increases their AC and attack bonus, allowing them to deal more damage with ranged and finesse weapons. Intelligence, on the other hand, is essential for their spellcasting ability, as it determines the number of spells they can cast, the strength of their spells, and the DC for their spell saves. Lastly, Charisma is useful for their social ability, allowing them to persuade, deceive and intimidate their way through encounters.


Arcane Tricksters have a variety of proficiencies, making them versatile in any situation. They have proficiency in light armor, allowing them to move quickly and quietly, and they have proficiency in various types of weapons, such as crossbows, shortbows, daggers, rapiers and shortswords. They also have proficiency in Thieves’ Tools, which allows them to pick locks and disarm traps, and they have proficiency in Sleight of Hand, which allows them to steal items off of unsuspecting targets.

Furthermore, they have a variety of skills that they are proficient in, including Acrobatics, Athletics, Deception, Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Perception, Performance, Persuasion, and Stealth. These skills make them versatile in any situation, and allow them to deal with any obstacle that comes their way.

Recommended Spell Lists

The Arcane Trickster class features spells from the Wizard spell list, which gives them access to a wide range of spells, including illusion and enchantment spells. However, not all spells are created equal, and not all spells will be effective for the Arcane Trickster. Here are some of the recommended spells for an Arcane Trickster:


  • Mage Hand: allows the Arcane Trickster to manipulate objects from a distance
  • Prestidigitation: allows the Arcane Trickster to create minor magical effects
  • Minor Illusion: allows the Arcane Trickster to create minor illusions to distract enemies
  • Booming Blade: increases the damage of the Arcane Trickster’s melee attack and has a chance to inflict additional damage

Level 1 Spells

  • Disguise Self: allows the Arcane Trickster to disguise themselves to avoid detection
  • Expeditious Retreat: allows the Arcane Trickster to move quickly and avoid combat
  • Find Familiar: allows the Arcane Trickster to summon a familiar to assist them in combat
  • Silent Image: allows the Arcane Trickster to create a realistic illusion to hide behind

Level 2 Spells

  • Invisibility: allows the Arcane Trickster to become invisible and avoid detection
  • Darkness: allows the Arcane Trickster to create a zone of darkness to conceal themselves and their allies
  • Web: allows the Arcane Trickster to immobilize enemies, making them easy prey for ranged attacks
  • Shadow Blade: creates a blade of solidified darkness, dealing extra damage in combat

These spells are just a starting point for an Arcane Trickster, and there are many other spells they may find useful in different situations. Ultimately, the best way to determine which spells to choose is to experiment and see what works best for your playstyle.

Recommended Cantrips and Spells for Arcane Tricksters

Arcane Trickster 5e

The Arcane Trickster is a rogue archetype that lets players use magic to deceive and outwit their enemies. They have access to spells from the wizard spell list to complement their already impressive rogue abilities. Here are the recommended cantrips and spells for Arcane Tricksters:


Mage Hand Cantrip

Cantrips are spells that can be cast at will and don’t require spell slots. They’re an essential tool for any spellcaster, and Arcane Tricksters have a limited number of cantrips they can choose from. Here are the top three cantrips recommended for an Arcane Trickster:

  1. Mage Hand: This cantrip allows the caster to create a spectral hand to manipulate objects from a distance. It’s incredibly useful for picking locks, opening doors, and grabbing items without being detected.
  2. Minor Illusion: This cantrip creates a small illusion that can be used to distract enemies or create cover. It’s perfect for creating diversions that allow the rogue to slip away unnoticed.
  3. Booming Blade: This cantrip combines a melee attack with thunder damage. If the target moves after being hit, they take additional damage. It’s a powerful combat cantrip that can surprise enemies and deal significant damage.


Spells for Arcane Tricksters

Unlike cantrips, spells use up spell slots, making them a more valuable resource. As an Arcane Trickster, you’ll only have a limited number of spell slots, so it’s essential to choose spells that complement your playstyle. Here are the top three spells recommended for an Arcane Trickster:

  1. Find Familiar: This spell allows you to conjure a spirit that takes the form of a creature. Familiars can be used to scout ahead, deliver touch spells, or provide combat assistance. They’re incredibly versatile and can make a huge difference in combat.
  2. Mirror Image: This spell creates three illusory duplicates of yourself. Enemies attacking you have to guess which one is the real you, making it an excellent defensive spell. It’s especially useful for Arcane Tricksters, who are often targeted by enemies due to their high damage output.
  3. Invisibility: This spell makes the caster invisible, making it an excellent tool for sneaking around undetected. It’s perfect for getting past guards or escaping dangerous situations. Invisibility also allows Arcane Tricksters to set up devastating surprise attacks on unsuspecting enemies.

Ultimately, the cantrips and spells you choose depend on your playstyle and how you want to approach combat. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different spells to see what works best for you. With the right combination of spells and abilities, an Arcane Trickster can be a formidable opponent.

Combining Spells and Abilities for Maximum Effectiveness as an Arcane Trickster

Arcane Trickster Spells

The Arcane Trickster is a unique subclass in the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. They blend their rogue skills with their magical prowess to create a character capable of both cunning and arcane power. To maximize the effectiveness of this character, one must master the art of combining spells and abilities.

1. Using Mage Hand with Sneak Attack

Mage Hand

The Mage Hand is a cantrip that allows players to manipulate objects at a distance. This can come in handy when trying to trigger traps or open doors without risking physical contact. One clever tactic is to use Mage Hand to deliver a Sneak Attack. The Mage Hand can hold a melee weapon while you prepare the attack. Once you are in position, the Mage Hand can make the attack while you remain hidden. This can catch enemies off-guard and allow for a surprise attack.

2. Combining Minor Illusion with Stealth

Minor Illusion

Minor Illusion is a cantrip that creates an image or sound that can fool creatures within range. This can be used to create a diversion or camouflage your presence. One way to use this spell is to create an illusion of yourself hiding while you take up a new position. This can be especially effective when combined with your Stealth skill. Drop your illusion and strike from a new angle, catching enemies off-guard.

3. Using Silent Image with Cunning Action

Silent Image

Silent Image is a 1st level spell that creates a realistic image or scene. This can be used to create a distraction or even to misdirect enemies. One clever use of this spell is to create an illusion of yourself while you use your Cunning Action ability to hide. This makes it difficult for enemies to know which is the real you and which is the illusion. Use this confusion to your advantage to strike at your foes from a position of surprise.

4. Combining Mirror Image with Evasion

Mirror Image

Mirror Image is a 2nd level spell that creates several illusions of yourself. These images can confuse enemies and make it difficult for them to know which one is the real you. To maximize the effectiveness of this spell, combine it with your Evasion ability. Dodge attacks from enemies while your images confuse them. This can make it difficult for enemies to hit you, giving you time to plan your next move and strike back.

By combining spells and abilities, the Arcane Trickster can be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. These tactics require careful planning and execution, but when done correctly they can catch enemies off-guard and give you a distinct advantage. Experiment with different combinations of spells and abilities to find the ones that work best for your playstyle.

Tips for Choosing and Utilizing Spells for Arcane Tricksters in Combat

Arcane Trickster 5e Spell Lists

If you’re an Arcane Trickster, you know that choosing the right spells in combat can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Here are some tips to help you select and use your spells effectively:

1. Know Your Role

Know Your Role

As an Arcane Trickster, your main focus is to use your magic to manipulate your enemies and create opportunities for you and your allies to strike. With this in mind, you should choose spells that allow you to do that effectively.

For example, spells like Ray of Frost or Frostbite can slow down your enemies, making it easier for you to dodge attacks or get behind cover. Mage Hand can allow you to disarm traps or pick locks without putting yourself in danger. Silent Image lets you create a convincing distraction, giving you a chance to sneak past foes or strike from the shadows while they’re distracted.

2. Balance Your Offensive and Defensive Spells

Balance Offence and Defence Spell

While an Arcane Trickster’s primary focus is utility spells, it’s important to have a few offensive spells in your arsenal as well. Look for spells that deal damage without requiring you to be in close combat, such as Magic Missile or Chromatic Orb.

At the same time, don’t forget to have defensive spells that can protect you in the heat of battle. Shield and Blur can make you much harder to hit, while spells like Mirror Image can create mirror duplicates of yourself, making it much harder for enemies to target you directly.

3. Choose Spells that Complement Your Skillset

Choose Spells that Complement Your Skillset

As an Arcane Trickster, you already have a variety of skills that allow you to manipulate your foes and surroundings. Make sure to choose spells that complement those skills, helping you to become even more effective.

For example, if you have a high Dexterity score and are good at sneaking around and picking locks, Invisibility can make you almost impossible to detect. If you have a high Charisma score and are good at deception and persuasion, Suggestion can allow you to influence your enemies’ actions or even convince them to switch sides.

4. Be Prepared for Different Situations

Be Prepared for Different Situations

While you can’t predict exactly what will happen in any given combat encounter, there are certain spells that are generally more useful in certain situations. When choosing your spells, try to keep in mind the environments and enemies you’re likely to face.

For example, if you’re fighting in a small, cramped space, Burning Hands or Thunderwave can be devastating. If you’re facing lots of enemies that have trouble seeing in the dark, Dancing Lights or Darkness can give you a huge advantage.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Don't be Afraid to Experiment

Finally, don’t be afraid to try out different spells and see what works best for you. Every combat encounter is different, and what works well in one situation may not be as effective in another.

Take the time to experiment with different spells and see which ones feel most useful to you. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t, and adjust your spell selection accordingly. With practice and experience, you’ll become a master of Arcane Trickster magic in no time!

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