Top 10 Genshin Impact Characters Recommended for Your Party

Top 5 Must-Have Genshin Characters

Top 5 Must-Have Genshin Characters

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG game that has taken the gaming industry by storm. The game’s massive fan base is always on the lookout for new characters and their unique abilities. With so many characters to choose from, it can be tough to determine which are the best to include in your party. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 5 must-have Genshin characters that will help you in your journey throughout Teyvat.

1. Diluc


Diluc is hands down one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact. He’s a pyro character, which means he deals fire damage and can set enemies ablaze. Diluc’s elemental skill unleashes a powerful flame, which deals massive AoE damage. And his elemental burst unleashes a fiery phoenix that deals incredible AoE damage. With his powerful pyro attacks, Diluc can easily melt through enemies’ shields and cause significant damage. His fire attacks are also great for breaking down ice shields and puzzles. Therefore, Diluc is an excellent addition to any party since he can deal massive damage and break down tough barriers that can be tricky to get past.

Furthermore, Diluc’s ascension materials are relatively easy to obtain. You can obtain Cor Lapis, a gemstone that is at the base of many mountains in Liyue and Donfeng, and Gold Talismans, which can be found by defeating bosses. Moreover, his character banner appears in limited-time events, so it may be challenging to get him, but it’s definitely worth it.

In summary, Diluc is an incredibly powerful character with massive AoE damage and great elemental abilities that can help you achieve victory. If you’re looking for a character who can help you through the toughest battles, then Diluc is an excellent choice to have in your party.

2. Venti


Venti is a bard that specializes in Anemo attacks, which means he controls the wind. His abilities are exceptional, allowing him to deal massive damage and crowd control. Venti’s elemental skill summons an updraft that can hold enemies in place, making them vulnerable to attacks. His elemental burst deals continuous damage to enemies within the radius, which is incredibly effective when dealing with large groups of enemies. Venti’s abilities are also versatile; he can control the wind, allowing him to glide higher and cover much more distance than with other characters. With Venti’s wind abilities and mobility, he can take you anywhere in Teyvat, making him an excellent addition to any party.

In addition, Venti’s ascension materials are relatively easy to obtain. You can obtain Windwheel Aster, which grows in Mondstadt, and Varisty Pepper, which can be found in cooking and domain activities. Although Venti is a limited-time character, his banner appears in some events, making him easier to obtain for free-to-play players.

In summary, Venti is an excellent go-to character who is useful in almost every situation. He is an exceptional choice for players who want a well-rounded character that can deliver massive damage and function as a support character in the party.

3. Tartaglia (Childe)


Tartaglia (Childe) is an incredible hydro archer who excels in both melee and ranged combat. He can switch between his normal form, which is his archery form, and his melee form at will. Tartaglia’s elemental skill and burst revolve around changing forms, giving him excellent flexibility in battle. With his hydro abilities, Tartaglia can apply hydro status effects to any enemy, making them easier to defeat. His most potent ability, the “Foul Legacy: Raging Tide,” unleashes a massive hydromantic blast that deals massive damage with great range. With Tartaglia’s flexibility and damage output, he can take on any challenge in Genshin Impact.

Tartaglia’s ascension materials are a bit challenging to obtain. You’ll need to gather Chunks, Fragments, and Gemstones of the Hydro Element, which you can find all over Teyvat. You’ll also need Tartaglia’s Mask and Rust-Worn Key, which you can find by defeating Fatui Elite Opponents. Tartaglia is a limited-time character, so it may be challenging to get him, but he’s a game-changer once you do.

In summary, Tartaglia has a unique playstyle that offers an incredible amount of flexibility, making him an excellent choice for players who want to take on any challenge that comes their way. His hydro abilities and melee/ranged abilities make him a war machine that can deal massive damage to any enemy in his way.

4. Qiqi


Qiqi is a five-star Cryo character who is a great addition to any party. She’s a healer with excellent Cryo abilities, making her an ideal support character. Her elemental skill, Herald of Frost, creates a healing field that also deals Cryo damage to enemies within the radius. Her elemental burst restores the health of all party members and also applies the Cryo status effect making her excellent for any party member who deals physical damage. Lastly, her weapon of choice is a sword, which makes her decent in combat too. If you’re looking for a healer that is also useful in combat, QiQi is an excellent option.

QiQi’s ascension materials can be a bit challenging to obtain. You’ll need to gather Violetgrass, which can be found in Liyue, and obtain the Hoarfrost Cores and Spirits Locket of Boreas, which are rare drops from bosses and quests. QiQi is a limited-time character, but her banner appears in some events, making her easier to obtain for free-to-play players.

In summary, QiQi is an excellent support character to have in your party. Her Cryo abilities and healing powers make her a game-changer in tough battles. Her sword abilities can also deal decent damage to enemies, making her a versatile character to have in any party.

5. Xiangling


Xiangling is a great pyro character with incredible skills and elemental abilities. She’s a four-star character who is easy to obtain and is an excellent addition to any party. Her normal attack and elemental skill deal massive pyro damage to enemies, which can quickly melt through enemy armor and shields. Her elemental burst, Guoba Attack, unleashes a fiery bear that deals AoE pyro damage to enemies within its area of effect. Xiangling’s abilities are also great for cooking since she is a chef and can create delicious meals with special effects that can buff your party. Therefore, Xiangling is an exciting character to have in your party.

Xiangling’s ascension materials are relatively easy to obtain. You’ll need to collect Jueyun Chili, found near the Liyue Harbor, and get Slime Concentrate, which can be found as drops from Slimes. Xiangling’s character banner appears in limited-time events, making her easier to obtain for free-to-play players.

In summary, Xiangling is an excellent pyro character to have in any party. Her cooking abilities are fantastic, and her pyro attacks are great to melt through enemy defenses. Overall, Xiangling is a cost-effective characte that delivers great value.

Best Support Characters for Your Team

Best Support Characters Genshin Impact

While damage dealers tend to grab the spotlight, supports are crucial to making sure your team runs smoothly and safely in Genshin Impact. They can heal, buff, debuff, and generally make your life easier when dealing with tough enemies and challenging puzzles. Here are some of the best support characters you should consider adding to your party:

1. Barbara

Barbara genshin impact

Barbara is a staple for any beginner team, or a must-have for anyone who enjoys dishing out high amounts of Hydro (water) damage. Barbara is a five-star-rated healer, and supporting character who can heal herself and her teammates with her Elemental Skill- Let the Show Begin. Barbara’s Elemental Burst-Summer Night’s Hymn, also heals the party and unleashes a large amount of hydro damage to nearby enemies. She can be a huge asset in tough battles against Pyro and Hydro Elementals, as she is immune to their elemental debuffs and can heal your team quickly.

2. Bennet

Bennett genshin impact

Bennet is a versatile four-star character who is a great choice as a support character for your party. Bennet’s Elemental Skill- Fantastic Voyage, launches Bennet into the air, generating a healing circle when he lands that can heal your team members for a percentage of their maximum health for a certain amount of time. His ultimate, Fantastic Voyage, also heals the entire team while increasing their attack power for a short duration. This makes Bennet a great buffing character for your team when you need to gain the upper hand in a fight. His Pyro-based abilities also allow him to deal significant damage to enemies and break shields of Dendro and Fatui enemies effortlessly.

3. Xingqiu

Xingqiu genshin impact

Xingqiu is another four-star-rated character and an excellent support character with Hydro abilities. His Elemental Burst- Gufa Rainscreen summons water blades that will deal Hydro damage, reduce incoming damage, and heal the entire party for a certain amount of time. Xingqiu also has an Elemental Skill – Fatal Rainscreen which creates a shield to deflect oncoming attacks and deals Hydro damage to enemies when the shield is shattered. These skills make Xingqiu a perfect addition to your team, especially in co-op mode, where you can support your whole team by healing them.

4. Diona

Diona genshin impact

Diona is a new four-star character introduced in the Genshin Impact 1.1 update, and she is an excellent addition to any team in need of a strong support character. Her Elemental Burst- Signature Mix is a healing zone that provides continuous healing to her allies. This zone also deals Cryo damage to enemies who dare to enter. Diona’s Elemental Skill- Icy Paws allows her to generate a shield or deal Cryo damage to enemies in close proximity. This makes her an excellent choice for any team that needs to be supported and well-protected.

5. Fischl

Fischl genshin impact

Fischl is a four-star character, and while she is primarily known for her Electro-based archery skills, she also makes a great support character for any team. Her Elemental Skill – Nightrider will summon a bird that deals Electro damage to enemies while embedded in them. Her Elemental Burst – Midnight Phantasmagoria summons a raven that will taunt monsters and deals continuous Electro damage. This makes Fischl a great choice for any team that requires consistent damage and Electro support.

Adding one or more of these powerful support characters to your Genshin Impact team can make your journey through Teyvat easier and more enjoyable. So, pick your favorite team, and let the adventure begin!

Top DPS Characters for Quick Combat

Top DPS Characters for Quick Combat

When you’re in the thick of a battle in Genshin Impact, having high damage-per-second (DPS) characters can make all the difference. These are the characters that can dish out a ton of damage in a short amount of time, making them ideal for taking down enemies quickly and efficiently. Here are three of the top DPS characters that we recommend for quick combat:

Klee genshin impact


Klee is a pyro-elemental character with one of the highest DPS counts in the game. Her normal attacks and skills deal massive amounts of damage to enemies, and her special burst attack is a screen-clearing explosion that can easily take out groups of enemies at once. Her only downside is that, because of her small size and short range, she can be difficult to control in crowded areas. However, if you can master her movements and timing, she’s definitely one of the strongest DPS characters in the game.

Razor genshin impact


Razor is an electrifying character with insane damage output. He’s a melee character with a wolf spirit that can be summoned to deal extra damage, and his attacks are lightning-fast and hit hard. Plus, his special burst attack can transform him into a full-on wolf, making his attacks even more deadly. The only downside is that he’s a bit slower than some of the other DPS characters, but if you can get in close and start dealing damage, he’s one of the best.

Yoimiya genshin impact


Yoimiya is a new character to Genshin Impact and she’s already making waves amongst the playerbase. She’s a pyro-elemental character that deals insane amounts of damage with her bow. Her normal attacks and skills deal massive amounts of damage, especially against enemies that are weak to fire. Plus, her special burst attack is a barrage of arrows that rain down from the sky, dealing massive amounts of damage to all enemies in the area. She’s fast, she’s deadly, and she’s quickly becoming a fan favorite.

These are just a few of the top DPS characters that we recommend for quick combat in Genshin Impact. There are plenty of other characters that can deal massive amounts of damage, so be sure to experiment and find the ones that work best for you and your playstyle. With the right team composition and strategy, you can take on any enemy that comes your way.

Best Genshin Characters for Exploration and Quests

Exploration and Quests

Exploration and quests are an integral part of Genshin Impact, and having the right characters can make the experience more enjoyable and efficient. Here are the best Genshin characters that will help you make the most out of your exploration and questing journey:

1. Venti

Venti genshin

Venti is hailed as one of the best characters in Genshin Impact, and for a good reason. He is a 5-star character that excels in crowd control, exploration, and mobbing. Venti’s Elemental Burst summons a massive gust of wind that pulls enemies closer and deals significant damage to them. It also creates a long-lasting wind current that boosts your movement speed and allows you to reach higher places. Venti is ideal for exploring areas with a lot of verticality, and he can make quick work of enemies with his bow attacks and Elemental Skill.

2. Mona


Mona is another 5-star character that is great for exploration and quests. She is a hydro mage that possesses incredible mobility thanks to her Elemental Skill that creates a water illusion that speeds her up and allows her to dodge attacks. Mona’s Elemental Burst summons a massive tidal wave that deals damage and stuns enemies. She also has a unique passive that increases her movement speed while sprinting on water. Mona’s skill set makes her ideal for aquatic exploration and traversing areas with a lot of water obstacles.

3. Zhongli

Zhongli genshin

Zhongli is a 5-star character who is excellent for exploration and questing thanks to his Tectonic Tide Elemental Skill that creates a giant pillar that deals wide AOE damage and petrifies enemies. When petrified, enemies cannot move or attack, making them easy targets for Zhongli’s massive stone spear. His Elemental Burst creates a shield that absorbs damage and buffs Zhongli’s attack, making him useful for taking on tough enemies and bosses. Zhongli’s Passive Talent also causes him to uncover hidden treasures when creating a Geo construct, making him even more valuable for exploration and treasure hunting.

4. Xiangling

Xiangling genshin

Xiangling is a 4-star character that is easy to obtain from the Spiral Abyss challenge. She is a Pyro user who excels in crowd control and Elemental Skill spamming. Xiangling’s Elemental Skill creates a giant flame wheel that deals continuous damage and knocks back enemies, making it useful for cutting through groups of enemies. Her Elemental Burst also buffs her attack and summons a giant flame bear that spins and burns enemies. Xiangling’s cooking passive talent also allows her to obtain more ingredients when crafting food, making her valuable for exploration and creating healing items.

These are just some of the best Genshin Impact characters for exploration and quests. There are other amazing characters like Diluc, Klee, and Qiqi that can also make your exploration and questing journey more enjoyable and rewarding. Nonetheless, with these characters, you can explore the vast and beautiful landscape of Teyvat and complete quests with ease!

Unique and Underrated Characters for a Challenging Gameplay Experience

Unique Genshin Characters

Genshin Impact is a game that offers a wealth of diverse characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles that can make the game quite challenging. However, some of these characters stand out as being particularly underrated or underappreciated, often getting passed over in favor of more popular options. If you’re looking to snag some great characters that can really change up your gameplay experience, consider giving these five options a try.

1. Zhongli

Zhongli Genshin Impact

While Zhongli may not initially strike you as a flashy character, he is actually one of the most interesting options that the game has to offer. He has the ability to create geo constructs, as well as being able to deal massive damage with his ultimate ability. His shield is also invaluable for those looking to stay alive in tougher fights, and as one of the few characters that can effectively deal with geo enemies, he becomes even more useful in certain circumstances. Give this underappreciated character a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

2. Ningguang

Ningguang Genshin Impact

Ningguang is another character that doesn’t often get the attention she deserves. She is a ranged character with powerful geo attacks that hit multiple enemies at once, making her a great option for clearing out groups of enemies quickly. Her Jade Screen ability can also be incredibly useful for creating a shield that can absorb damage, and her ultimate can deal massive damage to enemies. Give Ningguang a try if you’re looking for a character that can really pack a punch.

3. Xinyan

Xinyan Genshin Impact

Xinyan is a character that can be surprisingly effective in combat, despite not being particularly flashy. She is a close-combat character that can deal heavy damage with her claymore attacks, and she has the ability to create a shield around herself and her teammates, making her a great option for fighting enemies head-on. Her ultimate is also incredibly useful, as it can deal AoE damage and knock enemies back, giving you plenty of breathing room to deal with tougher fights.

4. Xiangling

Xiangling Genshin Impact

If you’re looking for a character that can be a real game-changer in tougher fights, look no further than Xiangling. She is a polearm user with the ability to deal massive AoE damage, making her a great option for taking out groups of enemies at once. Her ultimate is particularly useful in this regard, as it can set enemies on fire and deal additional damage over time. She’s also quite mobile, making her a great option for dodging attacks and staying out of harm’s way.

5. Sucrose

Sucrose Genshin Impact

Sucrose is a character that is often overlooked, but she has the potential to be incredibly useful in the right situations. She is an Anemo user, which means she has the ability to control wind and move enemies around. Her ultimate can also deal massive damage to a group of enemies, making her a great option for clearing out tough fights quickly. Though she may not seem powerful at first glance, her unique abilities and strong crowd control make her a versatile option that can really change up your combat style.

If you’re looking for a new challenge in Genshin Impact, consider giving these unique and underrated characters a try. With their varied abilities and powerful attacks, they can really change up your gameplay experience and help you tackle even the toughest fights in the game.

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