10 Must-Read Books for Year 9 English Class

Classic Novels for Year 9 Students

To Kill a Mockingbird Cover

If you’re a year 9 student looking for a classic novel to read, look no further than Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. First published in 1960, this gripping novel tells the story of a young girl named Scout and her older brother, Jem, growing up in the Deep South during the 1930s. Over the course of the novel, they grapple with issues of race, class, and morality as they watch their lawyer father, Atticus Finch, defend a black man accused of raping a white woman.

Despite being over sixty years old, To Kill a Mockingbird still feels incredibly relevant today, as it explores themes of discrimination, inequality, and the importance of standing up for what’s right. It’s a powerful novel that will no doubt leave a lasting impact on any reader who picks it up.

Fahrenheit 451 Cover

Another classic novel that’s perfect for year 9 students is Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Set in a dystopian future where books are banned and “firemen” like the protagonist, Guy Montag, are tasked with burning any that are found, this novel explores themes of censorship, intellectual freedom, and the power of knowledge.

Although Fahrenheit 451 was first published over sixty years ago, its message is as relevant today as ever. In a world where governments and corporations increasingly try to control what people can and cannot say or read, this novel serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of free speech, independent thought, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Lord of the Flies Cover

Finally, William Golding’s Lord of the Flies is another classic novel that year 9 students should consider reading. This novel tells the story of a group of boys who are stranded on a desert island and must learn to survive without any adults to guide them. Over time, they begin to develop their own societies and governance structures, but as they do, tensions and conflicts emerge that threaten to tear them apart.

Through its exploration of themes like human nature, power, and the effects of isolation, Lord of the Flies offers a thought-provoking and often unsettling look at what happens to people when they’re left to their own devices. It’s a novel that encourages readers to reflect on their own values and beliefs, and to consider how they might react in similar situations.

Young Adult Books that Address Social Issues

Young Adult Books that Address Social Issues

Books have the power to capture the readers’ attention and allow them to delve into different worlds, perspectives, and situations. Literature helps us to explore important social issues, from mental health and gender identity to race and inequality. It is no wonder why reading young adult books is an essential part of growing up as a teenager. These books help teens to explore and understand different social issues that surround them, their peers, and their communities. Here is a list of recommended Young Adult books that address various social issues.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is one of the most powerful books that addresses contemporary racial issues. The book follows the story of a 16-year-old African American girl, Starr Carter, who witnesses the fatal shooting of her unarmed childhood friend by a police officer. The novel explores themes of race, identity, and activism in today’s America. Through the eyes of Starr, readers learn about the complex social injustices that Black people encounter in their daily lives, such as police brutality, racial profiling, and institutionalized racism. This book promotes a discussion about race by encouraging empathy and understanding of other people’s perspectives. The Hate U Give is a must-read for teens who want to be informed and create a more tolerant society.

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

This compelling young adult novel by John Green explores the topic of mental health in a sympathetic and realistic way. The novel follows the story of Aza, a 16-year-old girl who suffers from anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The book deep dives into her internal struggles, detailing her difficulties in controlling her own thoughts and actions. The plot follows her as she tries to help her friend investigate a mystery involving a billionaire who suddenly disappears. Throughout the book, John Green gives readers a realistic and moving glimpse into the mind of a person who lives with mental illness. The book also highlights the need for empathy, understanding, and a reduction of the stigma surrounding mental health issues in our world.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is a powerful novel that explores the topic of sexual assault. The book follows Melinda, a high school freshman who experiences a traumatic event during a party with her classmates. Melinda becomes isolated after the event and struggles to communicate with others, and her grades begin to suffer. Throughout the book, the author vividly portrays the mental and emotional struggles that victims of sexual assault face and the intense pain that comes with it. This book helps generate awareness of sexual assault and promote open discussions about this prevalent issue.

Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day by David Levithan is a mesmerizing novel that emphasizes the importance of love over superficial physical appearances. The novel follows A, a sixteen-year-old who wakes up as a different person every day and finds themselves in other people’s lives without any control. The central theme of the book is love and relationships, and how A’s constantly changing body and identity affect them. The book explores themes of gender identity and acceptance, love, and the power of human connections. The novel is an incredibly powerful reminder of how love transcends all boundaries and represents an essential message of acceptance and understanding.

These powerful and poignant books show that literature can expand our understanding and empathy for social issues and motivate us to instigate change. Reading them is an excellent way for teens to learn about issues that impact people in their daily lives while also giving them hope for a better future.

Popular Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels for Year 9 Readers

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels for Year 9 Readers

If you’re a Year 9 student who loves reading about mythical creatures, alternate universes, time travel, mysterious powers and futuristic worlds, then this list of popular sci-fi and fantasy novels is perfect for you. Check out our top picks below:

1. Eragon (Inheritance Cycle) by Christopher Paolini

Eragon (Inheritance Cycle) by Christopher Paolini

This is the first book of the Inheritance Cycle series and follows the journey of a young farmboy named Eragon who discovers a mysterious blue stone in the forest. The stone ends up being a dragon egg which hatches into a dragon named Saphira. Eragon is then thrown into a perilous adventure where he is trained as a Dragon Rider to fight against the evil King Galbatorix and his minions. This book is a must-read for fans of dragons, epic battles, and magical adventures.

2. The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games Series) by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games Series) by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games is a thrilling and dystopian novel about a ruthless government that forces children in every district to fight to the death in an annual event called the Hunger Games. The story is told from the perspective of sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who volunteers to take her younger sister’s place in the Games. With the help of her fellow tribute, Peeta Mellark, Katniss fights to survive and start a revolution against the oppressive regime. This novel is perfect for anyone who loves action-packed books with strong female protagonists.

3. Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series) by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series) by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief follows the adventures of Percy Jackson, a twelve-year-old boy who discovers that he is a demigod (half-human, half-Greek god) and is sent to Camp Half-Blood, a safe haven for demigods. When Percy’s mother is abducted by the gods, he embarks on a quest to retrieve Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt and clear his name from accusations of theft. This book is full of action, humor, and mythological references.

4. The Maze Runner (The Maze Runner Series) by James Dashner

The Maze Runner (The Maze Runner Series) by James Dashner

The Maze Runner is a science fiction novel about a group of teenage boys who are trapped in a mysterious maze with no memory of their past lives. The only way out is through a dangerous maze that changes every night. When Thomas arrives in the Glade, a place where the boys have built a society, he becomes determined to escape and uncover the secrets behind the maze. This book is perfect for those who enjoy adventure, mystery, and suspense.

5. The Giver (The Giver Quartet) by Lois Lowry

The Giver (The Giver Quartet) by Lois Lowry

The Giver is a dystopian novel set in a world where there is no pain, war, or hunger, but also where there is no freedom, individuality or memory of the past. Twelve-year-old Jonas is selected to be the next Receiver of Memory, a person who holds all the memories of the world’s past. As Jonas starts to receive memories, he realizes the dark truth behind his seemingly perfect world. This novel is a thought-provoking read that explores themes of conformity, individualism, and freedom.

These are just a few of the many great sci-fi and fantasy novels for Year 9 readers. With these books, you’ll be transported to different worlds and embark on incredible adventures. So grab a book and get ready to be mesmerized!

Memoirs and Biographies for Year 9 Students

Memoirs and Biographies for Year 9 Students

Reading memoirs and biographies can be a great way to learn about interesting people, important events, and different parts of the world. Here are some recommended memoirs and biographies that Year 9 students might enjoy:

1. “I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai

I Am Malala

“I Am Malala” is the memoir of Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. This book tells the story of Yousafzai’s childhood, education, and activism, including the attack on her life by the Taliban. Through her experiences, Yousafzai shows the power of individuals to create change and the importance of education, especially for girls.

2. “Who Was Anne Frank?” by Ann Abramson and Nancy Harrison

Who Was Anne Frank?

“Who Was Anne Frank?” is a biography of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who lived during the Holocaust and became famous for her diary. This book tells the story of Frank’s life before and during her time in hiding, as well as her legacy as a symbol of hope and resistance against oppression. Through Frank’s story, readers can learn about the history of World War II and the importance of standing up for justice and human rights.

3. “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson

Just Mercy

“Just Mercy” is a memoir by Bryan Stevenson, a lawyer and activist who founded the Equal Justice Initiative and has worked to defend people on death row and fight for criminal justice reform. This book tells the story of Stevenson’s career and the cases he has worked on, including his fight to free a wrongfully convicted man in Alabama. Through his work, Stevenson highlights the flaws in the justice system and the importance of addressing issues like racism and poverty.

4. “The Boys in the Boat” by Daniel James Brown

The Boys in the Boat

“The Boys in the Boat” is a biography of the University of Washington rowing team that competed in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. This book tells the story of the individual team members and their journey to the Olympics, as well as the political and historical context of the time. Through their perseverance and determination, the team members show the power of teamwork and the resilience of the human spirit.

These memoirs and biographies offer Year 9 students the opportunity to learn about important people and events, while also developing empathy, critical thinking, and a love for reading. Happy reading!

Award-Winning Books for Year 9 Reading Lists


Year 9 students have a lot on their plate, from adjusting to high school life to starting to think about their future in terms of college or career. One way to help them cope with these changes and enhance their intellectual abilities is by encouraging them to read more. Reading can help them improve their language skills, develop their creativity and imagination, broaden their perspectives, and learn about new cultures and ideas. There are many books out there that are perfect for year 9 students, but the ones that have won awards are often the cream of the crop. Here are five award-winning books that should be on year 9 reading lists.

1. The Giver by Lois Lowry


Winner of several awards, including the Newbery Medal, The Giver is a great book for year 9 students. The story follows Jonas, a young boy who lives in a utopian society where everything is perfect and orderly. However, as he is assigned to be the Receiver of Memory, he learns about the dark past of his community and begins to question the world he lives in. The Giver is a great book for discussing themes such as conformity, freedom, and the power of memory.

2. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor


Another Newbery Medal winner, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a powerful novel set during the Great Depression in the American South. It follows the struggles of the Logan family, who face discrimination and violence from white supremacists due to their race. The book deals with themes such as racism, social justice, family, and resilience, and is an excellent choice for year 9 students to learn about the history of racial inequality in the United States.

3. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman


The Graveyard Book is a unique and imaginative story that won the Newbery Medal, the Hugo Award, and the British Carnegie Medal, among others. It tells the tale of a boy named Bod, who grows up in a graveyard after his family is murdered. The ghosts of the graveyard raise him and teach him everything he needs to know about life and death. The book deals with themes such as friendship, identity, and accepting mortality, and is a great choice for year 9 students who enjoy fantasy and paranormal stories.

4. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton


The Outsiders is a classic novel that won a number of awards, including the American Library Association’s Best Young Adult Books of the Year. Set in the 1960s, it is a coming-of-age story that follows a group of teenagers from rival gangs, the Greasers and the Socs, as they navigate through issues such as social class, family, and loyalty. The book deals with themes such as identity, peer pressure, and the meaning of friendship, and is a great read for year 9 students who are looking for something that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

5. Wonder by R.J. Palacio


Wonder is a heartwarming and inspiring novel that won several awards, including the New York Times Best Seller and the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Middle Grade & Children’s Book. It tells the story of August Pullman, a young boy with facial differences who navigates through the ups and downs of fifth grade. The book deals with themes such as kindness, acceptance, and bullying, and is a great choice for year 9 students who are looking for a book that will teach them the importance of empathy and compassion.

These five award-winning books are just a few examples of the many excellent options available for year 9 reading lists. Whether students are looking for a classic coming-of-age story, a captivating fantasy, or a thought-provoking tale that will spark discussions and debates, these books are sure to engage and inspire them.

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